Industry Abbreviations

Abbreviation Definition
ACActual Cost
ACWPActual Cost of Work Performed
ADActivity Description
ADMArrow Diagramming Method
AEApportioned Effort
AFActual Finish
AOAActivity – On – Arrow
AONActivity – On – Node
ASActual Start
BACBudget At Completion
BCWPBudgeted Cost of Work Performed
BCWSBudgeted Cost of Work Scheduled
BOMBill Of Materials
CAControl Account
CAPControl Account Plan
CCBChange Control Board
COECenter of Excellance
COQCost Of Quality
CPAFCost plus award fee
CPICost Performance Index
CPMCritical Path Method
CPPCCost-Plus-Percentage of Cost
CVCost Variance
CWBSContract Work Breakdown Structure
DDData Date
EACEstimate at Completion
EFEarly Finish Date
EMVExpected Monetary Value
ESEarly Start Date
ETCEstimate to Complete
EVEarned Value
EVMEarned Valued Management
EVTEarned Valued Technique
FFFree Float
FMEAFailure Mode and Effect Analysis
IFBInvitation for Bid
KPIKey Performance Indicator
LFLate Finish date
LOELevel of Effort
LSLate Start date
MOPMethod Of Procedure
OBSOrganizational Breakdown Structure
ODOriginal Duration
PCPercent Complete
PCTPercent Complete
PDMPrecedence Diagramming Method
PFPlanned Finish date
PMProject Management
PMProject Manager
PMBOKProject Management Body Of Knowledge
PMISProject Management Institute
PMISProject Management Information System
PMOProgram Management Office
PMPProject Management Professional
PSPlanned Start Date
PSWBSProject Summary Work Breakdown Structure
PVPlanned Value
QAQuality Assurance
QCQuality Control
QFDQuality Function Deployment
RACIResponsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform (Matrix)
RAMResponsibility Assignment Matrix
RBSResource Breakdown Structure
RBSRisk Breakdown Structure
RDRemaining Duration
RFIRequest for information
RFPRequest for Proposal
RFQRequest for Quotation
SFScheduled Finish
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
SOWStatement of Work
SPIScheduled Performance Index
SSScheduled Start
SVSchedule Variance
SWAGSophisticated Wild Ass Guess
SWOTStrenths, Weaknees, Oppurtunities, and Threads
TCTarget Completion date
TFTarget Finish date
TFTotal Float
T&MTime and Material
TQMTotal Quality Management
TSTarget Start date
VEValue Engineering
WBSWork Breakdown Structure