About the Site

The website, blog, and podcast are for future and current project managers that are wanting to learn more about project management in order to increase their skillsets.


The website is the overall home base for the blog and podcast and all supporting documents, resources, and future ideas that do not or will not fit specifically in the blog or podcast platforms, like the resource page (currently in development).


The blog is where more detailed technical information will be found on project management topics, tips, training, and tools as well as complimentary content for the podcast.


The podcast is about sharing knowledge through tips, tricks, and tools, while sharing stories and experiences from existing project managers through interviews.

For anyone interested in mastering their project management craft – tune in to the  interview and topic episodes.

About Me

I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and currently work full-time as a Senior Project Manager. Until recently, I was a Team Lead on a dedicated customer account, where I managed a team of project managers in the construction industry. I recently made the choice to step back into a full-time PM role on another account, where I work as an ‘Owners Representative’ for another customer.

My employer is a well-respected, 250+ year-old professional services firm that focuses on all aspects of the real estate industry.

While working at various firms over the years, primarily in the construction-design industry but also in general offices, one thing always kept me motivated—improvement!

I have spent much of my work and personal time finding and implementing ways to reduce complexity, save time, review standards, create PM tools and better document existing processes. In doing so, I created new standards, implemented more automation in IT systems, enacted process changes, and spread the knowledge to others on how they could do things faster and more efficiently (efficiency is not always about speed).

This type of work keeps me jazzed, which in turn fuels my quest for new knowledge. I also love sharing what I have learned with others. Besides writing, I do this by being a co-founder of a local Master Mind group focused on individual success.

Content Disclaimer

All of the pages and posts written by me on this blog are based on my personal opinion and experience and in no way represents the opinions of any association, organization, affiliation, customer or employer. The voices in my head are mine and mine alone! Read the full Legal Disclaimer here.

Welcome to PM-Mastery!